Welcome to the Marine Genomics for Users (MG4U) Project

Title: Marine Genomics for Users

Programme: FP7, Cooperation; Food, Agriculture
and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)

Instrument: Coordination and Support Action

Duration: January 2011 – June 2013

Coordinator: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS),
Station biologique de Roscoff, FRANCE

Consortium: 7 partners from 6 countries


Marine genomics has enormous potential to improve our lifestyles and prosperity, and to assist with governance and sustainable management of the marine environment. Today, marine genomics knowledge is a vital part of “blue biotechnology”, and is leading to applications in the management of natural and cultured resources, and preserving marine environments.

However, many business leaders and legislators are not yet aware of how marine genomics hold great potential for problem solving and industrial commercial advantage. Valuable knowledge needs to be made accessible and disseminated in user-friendly contexts. In this context, the EU coordination action Marine Genomics for Users (MG4U) will facilitate knowledge transfer, technology transfer, and technology translation between high-throughput marine genomics, industry and society.


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10th Summer School on Marine Ecological & Evolutionary Genom…

Venue: Station Biologique de Roscoff, France Date: May 25th – June 7th, 2014 Knowledge on genomics is crucial for the understanding, sustainable exploitation and management of the...

18 Mar 2014

September issue of Genotop Newsletter now available!

Genotop is a consulting company for selective breeding in aquaculture. Their September newsletter is now available online with the latest news in aquaculture genetics. For more...

17 Oct 2013

Marine Biotech News 2013, Issue 2 (September 2013)

The second issue of a newsletter for Ireland’s marine biotechnology community and beyond was published on 2nd September 2013. This newsletter is prepared at the...

17 Oct 2013

MG4U Workshop: Unlocking the Potential of Genomics for Marin…

On the 28th June 2013, The MG4U project is hosting a workshop on Marine Genomic Applications in Dublin, Ireland. This international workshop is intended to specifically...

06 Jun 2013

Innovative solutions in genomics applications for sea bass a…

INTRANEMMA and MG4U join together to provide a training course called Innovative solutions in genomics applications for sea bass and sea bream It will take place on...

09 Oct 2012

Stakeholder workshop in Oxford (19-20 September)

MG4U consortium organises a workshop in Oxford ! With this stakeholder meeting we want to bring together leading scientists from the field of marine genomics with...

10 Sep 2012

MG4U Announcements

MG4U Workshop Report:

Unlocking the Potential of Genomics for Marine Monitoring and Biodiversity Mapping: from Concept to Realisation.

The report on the MG4U Workshop held in Dublin on 28 June is now available, click here to download.


Policy Brief:

The use of genomics for marine monitoring: an introduction to the latest tools and techniques.

This policy brief was published for use as an information and discussion document specifically for policy makers.

The MG4U policy brief is now available, click here to download.