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This glossary contains a number of definitions  from the following publication:
J. M. Cock; Tessmar-Raible, K.; Boyen, C.; Viard, F. (Eds.), Introduction to Marine Genomics, vol. 1, 1st ed., Advances in Marine Genomics Vol. (Springer, 2010). Available from: http://www.springer.com/life+sciences/ecology/book/978-90-481-8616-7?cm_mmc=Google-_-Book%20Search-_-Springer-_-0

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Environmental Gene Tags.


Enzyme Linked lmmuno Sorbent Assay; Biochemical test to detect and quantify an antigen in a sample using a specific antibody.

Emulsion PCR

A technique for generating a clonally amplified piece of DNA in vitro along with a microbead, within a mineral oil emulsion.


An endosymbiont is an organism that lives within the body or cells of another organism. Endosymbiosis played an important in the evolution of the eukaryotes as mitochondria and plastids were derived from endosymbiotic organisms captured  by ancestral  eukaryotic cells.

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