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Friday, 15 April 2011 09:42
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The Challenge

Cutting-edge genomic approaches are now sufficiently mature to advance the knowledge based bio-economy in the marine sector. Marine genomics has enormous potential to improve our lifestyles and prosperity, and to assist with governance and sustainable management of the marine environment. Today, marine genomics knowledge is a vital part of “blue biotechnology”, and is leading to applications in the management of natural and cultured resources, and preserving marine environments.

However, many business leaders and legislators are not yet aware of how marine genomics hold great potential for problem solving and industrial commercial advantage. Valuable knowledge needs to be made accessible and disseminated in userfriendly contexts. In this context, the EU support action Marine Genomics for Users (MG4U) will facilitate knowledge transfer,technology transfer, and technology translation between high-throughput marine genomics, industry and society.

Project Objectives

Marine Genomics 4 Users (MG4U) responds to several critical bottlenecks. It will spread results from recent and on-going projects in marine genomics and enhance rapid, efficient knowledge transfer to generate interdisciplinary research capacity in Europe. Scientists, government officials and representatives from small, medium and large enterprises will participate in diverse transfer activities.


Planned Results

Key Results                        

Single entry-point to marine genomics knowledge

A knowledge database on marine genomics project outcomes will identify worldwide hot-spots for research. Interactive maps and search & sort functionality will enable efficient user access.

Innovative methodologies

Advanced knowledge transfer methodologies will be customised to target user groups; complex concepts will be translated and knowledge transferred for improved biodiversity, environmental regulations, and commercial applications.

Occupational map of the marine genomics field

Occupational and functional mapping will chart the state of the industry. Essential job roles and functions will be defined within rapidly growing disciplines related to marine genomics.

Training courses and technical workshops

Training programmes will focus on sharing and transferring knowledge to research organizations, government officers, and industrial representatives from large and small enterprises alike.
Connections between biotech sectors and marine genomic experts
Contacts with multipliers and businesses will be initiated to promote marine genomics results at trade events, presentations, roundtable discussions and breakout sessions.
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