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AquaTTAquaTT is an SME specialising in scientific knowledge transfer and management activities. AquaTT works in scientific fields related to Food, Energy, Environment and the Marine as they are key sectors for Europe’s sustainability.

For more than 18 years, AquaTT has participated in European Commission-financed projects, being generally responsible for end-user focused activities, dissemination, communication, and technology transfer.

AquaTT services often extend into the areas of project management, event planning, stakeholder consultation, impact assessment, and piloting evaluation methodologies. In parallel to work supporting research, AquaTT has a long track record in the field of education and training, informing strategies, and creating networks to exchange best practice.

Contact details
Marieke Reuver
PO BOX 8989
Dublin 2
Tel.:  +353 1 644 9008 // +353 1 475 8713
Email: marieke(at)
Institution Website: 

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